Cuddles for Kitties

Have leftover yarn in need of a project? Put it to good use with Cuddles for Kitties!

Crochet Kitten's Cuddles for Kitties project seeks to offer some comfort to lonely, homeless cats by providing animal shelters and rescue groups with much needed beds and cozy mats.

Cuddles for Kitties

Participation is easy!

1. Call your favorite animal shelter or rescue group and find out if they accept bedding donations.
2. Print out our Cuddle Bed or Cuddle Mat pattern--perfect for using up your old scrap yarn!
3. Make the beds and drop them off at the shelter or rescue group.

If you can't decide which rescue group should get your beds, we recommend the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington. The Animator's Wife has fostered many cats and kittens through them and we can testify that they only have their kitties' best interests at heart.

WARNING: Yarn is NOT a cat toy! Be sure to weave in your ends extra firmly before giving a crochet gift to a cat. See posts here and here for more info.

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