Crochet Houndstooth

As much as I love tried and true shells, ripples, pineapples, and grannies, I can't deny the excitement that comes with discovering a new crochet stitch. Learning new stitches is what keeps crochet exciting for me (I've been crocheting for 20 years as of this blog post), and the first thing I always want to do with a new crochet stitch is to design a new pattern to go with it.

My latest stitch obsession is houndstooth. I was never much a fan of houndstooth patterns in woven fabrics, but it looks amazingly classy in crochet. And this is the rare stitch pattern that would look equally fashionable for both men and women's garments.

I'm sure you can guess now that I have a pattern for a houndstooth garment in the works, but in the meantime, if you'd like to get a taste for this lovely stitch, here are the instructions for crochet houndstooth. You'll never believe how easy it is.

Crochet Houndstooth

With Color A, ch a multiple of 2, plus 1

Row 1. Sc in second ch from hook, dc in next ch, *sc in next ch, dc in next ch; rep from * across.

Change to Color B.

Row 2. Ch 1; turn. Sc in first dc, dc in next sc, *sc in next dc, dc in next sc; rep from * across.

Change to Color A.

Rep Row 2, changing colors each row.


  1. Oh my I love this - thanks, a new pattern just in time for me to use to make a sweater!

  2. I want to make an afghan for my grandson who has been accepted into the University of Alabama. Bet I can do this and do a red border! Thanks!