Crochet Zill Straps

Don't laugh at the tarnish on The Animator's Wife's zills. The last time she seriously practiced with them was probably a good two years before Little Lovely was born. In that amount of time, the elastic straps had lost their stretch and were in desperate need of replacing. I'll bet you can guess what The Animator's Wife did to replace them.

Zill Straps

Well why not crochet the replacement zill straps? It's faster than sewing elastic bands, the yarn is softer against the skin, and it's much easier to figure out how long to make the straps.

Tips for Perfect Fit Zill Straps

1. Use a soft yarn that has some elasticity to it, such as wool or acrylic. Stay away from yarns that don't stretch, such as cotton or silk.

2. For stability, use a much smaller hook than you normally would with that yarn. For our zills, we used worsted weight with a steel 2.75mm crochet hook.

3. Determine your gauge before making your straps. Crochet a chain of 20 inches, stretch it out as far as it will go, and count how many chain stitches are in an inch.

4. Measure the circumference of your thumb and forefinger, then use your gauge to determine how many stitches are needed to fit around that digit.

Example: Our gauge was 6 chains per inch.
Thumb = 2 inches x 6 chains = 12 chains
Forefinger = 1.75 inches x 6 chains = 10.5 chains
(Round to the nearest whole number.)

Optional: Remember that your yarn is elastic, so you may wish to subtract 1-2 stitches if you don't want your zills wiggling around. If you prefer a looser fit, then go ahead and use the number calculated above. For our zills, we ended up doing 11 chains for the thumb and 9 chains for the forefinger.

5. Crochet your chains to the calculated length, tie them onto your zills, and you're good to go!

Also optional: If you've ever had trouble determining which zills fit your thumb and which fit your forefinger, do each in a different color and you'll never have to wonder again.

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