Crocheting with Beads

I'm pleased to announce an exciting new pattern coming out next week that will be featuring some fancy beadwork. Have you ever crocheted with beads before? Don't worry, it's easy! And it gives a lovely professional look to your finished project.

Contrary to popular belief, beadwork need not be limited to thread crochet. Adding beads to worsted weight projects may be done by simply crocheting a thread into the project with your yarn, as illustrated in the tutorial below. The technique is exactly the same for adding beads to thread crochet, only you would obviously omit the yarn.

Beaded Crochet 1

1. Begin by threading the thread onto a sewing needle. I highly recommend using crochet cotton for the thread, as it is more resilient than sewing thread and will be less likely to break and dump your beads. We used size 10 crochet cotton for this tutorial. You will need a slightly thicker sewing needle to accommodate crochet cotton, but make sure it is still thin enough to fit through your chosen beads.

Beaded Crochet 2

2. Next, using the needle, thread all your beads onto the thread. Yes, all of them. If you're using so many that starting with all of them on the thread would be difficult to manage, you can start with fewer beads, but you'll have to cut and rejoin the thread later when you get to the point where you need to add more beads.

Beaded Crochet 3

3. Now hold the end of the thread and yarn (if you're using yarn) together, and attach to your crochet hook as usual.

Beaded Crochet 4

4. Holding both the thread and the yarn together, crochet up to the point where you're ready to add a bead.

Beaded Crochet 5

5. Slide the bead up to the last stich made.

Beaded Crochet 6

6. Now slip stitch over that bead to secure it in place...

Beaded Crochet 7 so.

Beaded Crochet 8

7. Continue crocheting as usual. The bead will stay secure in the spot you stitched it into. Add additional beads in the same manner.

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  1. If you can't fit both needle and thread through the bead, you can use a bit of tacky glue-put a little on your fingertip, smooth it onto the end of the thread, maybe a couple inches; as it gets tackier roll the thread between your fingertips til it is mostly dry, then let it air dry-makes a thin stiff end on your thread to put the beads on with.