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For the last few years, The Animator's Wife has had a love affair with the circus. We know they're controversial now, what with how the animals may or may not be treated. She would like to believe that the trainers love their animals, but she also knows this is the real world, and as such, she tries to only go to circuses that are known for being good to their animals (they do exist) or that do not have animal acts.

But we do believe that circuses are a dying art, going the way of vaudeville, which is a shame, because there are some really talented performers (animal trainers aside) in the circus. And as tribute to them, this month's book club selection is Geek Love by Katherine Dunn.

Geek Love is the cult classic you've never heard of. It's the story of a circus family, their sibling rivalries and family values. If anything, it should be reassuring to hear that your own family is not the strangest in the world.

Our pattern for this book is a Ruffle Tutu, so any little girl who wants to can pretend she's in the circus, too.

Tutu 4

It's made with the new ruffle novelty yarn, which is a wide, gridded tape, so it's actually a lot faster to make than it looks. The Animator's Wife made this one in two days!

Tutu 5

If you've never used ruffle yarn before, check out this tutorial.

Ruffle Tutu

30yd Red Heart Boutique Sashay Yarn
Size J-10 (6.0mm) crochet hook
1 yard 1/2-inch wide ribbon (optional)

Size: One size fits 2T-girls's 9/10. Honest! It will be looser on younger girls, so you will want to weave ribbon in and out of the stitches along the top edge to be used as a drawstring that can be cinched and tied down (this will make the tutu even more ruffly!). For older girls, you may want to continue working in the round with one more skein of yarn to make it wider.

Gauge: 8 sc = 4 inches

Ch 47.

Rnd 1. Sc in 2nd ch from hook and ea ch across. Join with sl st in first sc to form a ring, taking care not to twist the tutu.

From this point forward, tutu will be worked in rounds without joining or turning between rounds.

Rnd 2. Sc in same sc as joining and ea sc around.

Rnd 3. Sc in ea sc around.

Rep rnd 3 until all yarn is used up. Finish off.

ch          chain
ea          each
mm          millimeter
rep          repeat
rnd          round
sc          single crochet
sl st          slip stitch
yd          yard

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