Sculpting Amigurumi Pieces

A few months back we did a series on how to make amigurumi. Since The Animator's Wife is currently participating in an amigurumi swap on Crochetville, we thought it would be fun to share just a couple of more secrets to making your amigurumi extra-special.

So as not to reveal too much to The Animator's Wife's swap partner, this week we're just going to talk about sculpting amigurumi pieces.

Sounds scary, you say? You're a crocheter, not a sculptor? Well don't let the terminology scare you. It's so easy you'll be wondering why you weren't doing it all along!

Take a look these two legs.

Amigurumi Feet 1

Both of these legs were made using the exact same pattern, yarn, and hook. But notice how the leg on the left has sort of a bulbous foot compared with the leg on the right, whose foot is more, well, foot-shaped. How is that possible? The answer, of course, is because of sculpting!

Watch how easy this is.

1. After stuffing but before sewing the pieces closed, simply grab hold of whatever part of the amigurumi you feel needs shaping (in this case, the foot).

Amigurumi Feet 3

2. Now squeeze that part into the desired shape. Mash it and squeeze the stuffing around until you are satisfied with how it looks. You may end up removing a bit of stuffing in this step.

3. Now, using a yarn needle and yarn in the same color as the piece you're working on, sew the piece into place. If you make sure each sewn stitch only runs across one crocheted stitch, your sewing stitches won't be noticeable.

That's it! Happy customizing.

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  1. Thats such a good idea Thank you for sharing!