Sewing and Hiding Ends

Welcome to week 5 of our amigurumi series. Your training is almost complete--only two lessons left!

Today's lesson is sewing and hiding ends. Sewing is pretty basic, although you may not know how to knot the end when you're finished to keep the stitches from coming undone. We'll go over that here, and we'll also show you a neat trick to hide the ends that doesn't involve weaving them in and out of stitches.

1. When you're ready to finish off whatever piece you're working on, make sure to leave a tail long enough that you can use for sewing. This way you'll have one less end to deal with hiding later. Thread that tail through a yarn needle.

2. Insert the yarn needle through one stitch in the last round worked of the first piece.

3. Next, insert the needle through one stitch in the second piece.

4. Pull tightly through both stitches.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until both pieces are completely sewn together.

6. To tie off the stitching, don't pull the last stitch through all the way. Leave a loop of yarn free, and insert the needle in that loop.

7. Pull the yarn through that loop. You should now see a knot forming.

8. Now pull the yarn tightly to tighten the knot.

9. To hide the end, insert the needle into the amigurmi at the point where the end is attached. Push the needle all the way through the amigurumi so that it exits from the opposite side.

10. Pull the yarn completely through the amigurumi.

11. Trim the end evenly with the amigurumi. The rest of the end is hidden neatly within the stuffing.

12. Attach the limbs and any other parts in the same manner.

Well, we've made it this far, and now there's only one lesson left! Stay tuned next week to learn about embroidery.

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