Seamless Rounds

Welcome to week 3 of our amigurumi series!

This week's amigurumi topic is seamless rounds. When you join and have a beginning chain between rounds, you will notice a faint "seam" where the joins occur. This seam is often not noticeable to the untrained eye, but since this series is about perfecting your amigurumi, we thought it should be addressed.

You can make your rounds seamless by eliminating the joining and beginning chains between rounds. This technique can also be used for other projects worked in the round in which you don't want a seam, such as hats (although if your hat is going to be striped, joining and chaining between rounds will make the stripes more even. See our Animator's Hat post for more details on that topic).

You will notice that by eliminating the joining and turning between rounds, it can be a bit trickier to keep track of when one round ends and the next begins, but the use of a stitch marker will make the technique much easier.

1. Crochet the first stitch of the round.

2. Place a stitch marker in that first stitch.

3. Crochet the rest of the round as usual. When you get to the stitch with the stitch marker, you know you are done with that round. Remove the stitch marker and begin the next round in the same manner.

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  1. Wow - the Crochet Games of Ancient Greece sounds like quite a challenge! I can't wait to see the results.