Getting Started

Holding the Hook

The crochet hook may be held in one of two ways. Most crocheters prefer to hold it like a pencil, as shown below:

It is usually held in the right hand, even by left-handed crocheters, but left-handed crocheters may sometimes hold it in the left hand.

The other way to hold the hook is like a knife, with the palm of your hand cupped around the hook as shown below:

Choose whichever method is most comfortable for you. There is no right or wrong way to hold it, but the knife method may offer your wrist more protection against carpal tunnel syndrome.

Holding the Yarn

The yarn is held in the opposite hand as the hook. It may be weaved between the fingers to help you control the tension of the yarn while still allowing the fingertips to be free to hold onto the work.

Slip Knot

All crochet starts with a slip knot, as this is the means of attaching the yarn to the hook. To make the slip knot:

1. Wrap the yarn around your middle and index fingers so that it crosses in the middle and creates a loop.

2. Insert the hook into the loop and pull the working end of the yarn (the end that is still attached to the skein) through. This will create a new loop.

3. Keeping the hook in the new loop, pull on the short end of the yarn to tighten the knot.

4. Pull on the long end of the yarn to shorten the loop and move the knot up to the crochet hook. Slip stitch is complete.

Yarning Over

When learning a new stitch, the instructions may ask you to “yarn over.” This simply means that you wrap the yarn from back to front over the top of the hook before doing the next step of the stitch.

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