All About Chains

A chain stitch can be worked anywhere within the work. To work a chain stitch:

1. Yarn over by wrapping the yarn over the top of the hook.

2. Pull the yarn through the loop that was on the crochet hook.

3. Chain stitch is complete.

4. Repeat as often as necessary to make the desired number of chain stitches.

When these chains are the first step of a project, they are known as the beginning chain. Most crochet projects start with a beginning chain, which acts as the foundation for the work. It will define the width of that end of the project.

A turning chain is usually worked between rows to accommodate for the difference in height from the previous row to the next row. Depending on the type of stitch used, the turning chain may be one chain (single crochet), two chains (half-double crochet), three chains (double crochet), or more. To work a turning chain:

1. Yarn over when the last stitch of the row is completed.

2. Work as many chain stitches as the pattern calls for or as desired.

3. Unless otherwise stated in the pattern, flip the work over so that the back is facing you and the turning chain is on the right before starting the next row.

Depending on the pattern used, the turning chain may or may not count as a stitch in the next row.

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