Book Review: Make Money Teaching Crochet

Hello, and if you're here visiting from Marie Segares' blog tour, welcome! I have had the pleasure of working with Marie on the CGOA Now! blog, and I have to say, she is one of the most organized and professional crocheters I have ever met. So of course, when she asked if I would review her new book, Make Money Teaching Crochet, I was delighted.

. . . but then I read the book. . . .

. . . and I was blown away!

I brought this on our summer vacation, the time when I vowed to take a break from the business of crochet blogging and just enjoy myself. But I did bring this book along with me for leisure reading, because, come on, who can really go a whole two weeks without any kind of crocheting?

This is a very dangerous book to bring with you on summer vacation. I didn't make it past page 5 before I grabbed a pen and started taking copious notes, wishing I had brought my computer with me. Do you want to start a crochet business? Obviously this is the book for you. Do you already have a crochet business that you'd like to grow? This is the book for you, too.

The gem in this book is in helping the reader to focus their business plan. I'm sure you've heard the old adage that you shouldn't go into business without a business plan, but for those of us who sort of just fell into crochet-as-a-business, Marie teaches the formation of a business plan in a way that isn't scary and that is so logical you'll wonder why you weren't thinking this way the whole time. If you're not convinced you need a business plan, she reveals the questions you need to ask yourself to realize that yes, if you want to have a successful crochet business, you really do need a business plan.

Moving on from that, Marie offers numerous tips for getting organized, whether or not you should get certified (keeping in mind that this book focuses on making money teaching crochet), pros and cons of different payment types, things to consider when determining refund and cancellation policies, how to set prices, and yes, even marketing. I know so many of us are humble crocheters, but Marie has somehow managed to figure out ways in which we can market ourselves that even the shyest crocheter could manage.

Have I gotten you excited yet? Well get ready to get even more excited, because Marie has graciously provided me with a copy of The Ultimate Printable Edition to give away! Enter through the Rafflecopter to win--but be warned. This is for serious readers only, not vacation reading (winky smiley face).

The giveaway is open worldwide to entries through midnight Eastern time July 5th, 2016. The winner  will be announced on Wednesday, July 6th, 2016.