Back-to-Nature Scarf: January Update

In case you missed it, my Back-to-Nature Scarf is my crochet challenge for the year. I'm crocheting two rows a day and letting the day's temperature and moon phase determine which colors I use.

Here's what the scarf looks like for January.


In January we had the big Snowzilla blizzard. Our neighborhood got hit with 30 inches of snow! So this section of the scarf has lots of blues, purples, and pinks reminiscent of the colder temperatures, but we still had two days in the 60s (represented by green).

Here's one thing I didn't realize that is probably obvious to everyone who has ever gone outside and is not completely oblivious: the moon spends the majority of its time in the crescent and gibbous phases. I'm sure I knew that at one point in seventh grade when we did the thing where you draw the moon phase each night, but that knowledge was forgotten long ago and I was expecting the phases to be spread out a little more evenly throughout this scarf.

I still love how it's turning out so far, though. I'll admit there were some days when it was overcast and I had to cheat and look up the moon phase, but in general I've been faithful to the spirit of this project. Now I look forward to seeing the sky each morning, comparing it to the day before, and pondering how it will look the next.