Growing Up

This post is directed in particular to our long-time followers, but new followers ought to be in the know as well.

When Crochet Kitten was first launched in 2007, the World Wide Web was still a big and scary place, so the safest route seemed to make a somewhat anonymous blog with our cat, Selena K, as the official face and voice of it. As the years have passed, I (The Animator's Wife) have been slowly coaxed out of my shell of anonymity, and Selena's voice has given way to my own. Somehow it no longer seems appropriate to keep up the facade of writing from a cat's point of view.

Older posts will still reflect our early years in writing as Selena K, but going forward I will be writing as myself and in my own voice. Don't worry--Selena K is still alive and well in our own home, but as of today she will be going into retirement and living out her days in favorite sunny window, watching and purring as she always has.

Thank you, everyone, for all your support! We've got some wonderful things planned for the new year.