Seeking Pattern Testers

Have you ever wanted to be the first to know about the latest patterns from your favorite crochet designers? Well now is your chance, because Crochet Kitten is currently seeking pattern testers!

UPDATE: We've received an abundance of requests to test patterns for us, so please forgive us if it takes a few days to respond to you. We'd like the opportunity to thoroughly evaluate each candidate. Thank you, everyone, for your interest!

Gemini Kittens WIP

What does a pattern tester do?

A pattern tester works up the earliest version of a given crochet pattern and alerts the designer to any potential mistakes or directions that may need clarification. This is an important part of the pattern writing process, as it helps the designer ensure that the pattern can be followed as written.

What are the benefits of being a pattern tester?

While this is a volunteer position, Crochet Kitten will provide all the yarn and notions necessary for you to complete the pattern. All you need to get started is your trusty crochet hook! Best of all, you get to keep what you make during the pattern testing process, and you will also receive a free copy of the finalized pattern.

Pattern testers who satisfactorily complete three pattern tests in any given year are also eligible for membership in our Beta Kittens group. Beta Kittens get first dibs on future pattern testing, enjoy unlimited free access to all of our crochet patterns, receive a personalized coupon code for 30% off all purchases at Crochet Kitten's Bazaar.

What kind of experience do I need?

We design patterns for all levels of crocheters, so anyone from beginners to expert crocheters may apply. However, the majority of our patterns are written at an intermediate level, so there may be fewer testing opportunities for beginning crocheters.

No prior testing experience is needed to apply, but preference may be given to those who have tested before.

What else should I know before I apply?

Pattern testers will be expected to adhere to strict deadlines in keeping with our publication schedule. You will always be informed of the deadline and expected amount of time to complete the project before you accept the project, so please do not accept any projects that you are not sure you will be able to complete. We will make every effort to set the deadline at a reasonable date so that no one is pulling late nights crocheting.

Pattern testers will also be expected to crochet a gauge swatch (when applicable) before they are sent the pattern to help ensure correct sizing in the pattern.

Additionally, pattern testers have the freedom to pick and choose which patterns they want to test. No one has to make anything they're not interested in making.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in becoming a pattern tester for Crochet Kitten, please send an email via our About page. Please include a link to your Ravelry notebook or somewhere where we can see examples of your work (if you do not have any photos posted online, please send an explanation of your crochet experience and you can email us photos later).

We will accept pattern testers on an as-needed basis, so we make no guarantees that you will be chosen.

Thank you for your interest!