Love Coasters: An Introduction to Tapestry Crochet

A few years ago we did a series on tapestry crochet that went over everything from reading graphs to using bobbins to keep your different colored strands in order. One thing we didn't cover at the time was how to create your own graphs.

The most obvious thing would be to use graph paper to chart your ideas, but there's only one problem with that: crochet stitches are not square. Using traditional square graph paper will yield a design that is slightly squished in the final project. But we now have a way for you to create any design you want with any stitch you want.

Crochet Graph Paper

Our crochet graph paper is specially formatted to the shape of an actual crochet stitch. The formats include single crochet, extended single crochet (for sock enthusiasts), half double crochet, and double crochet.

If it's just the graph paper you're after, it's available now at Crochet Kitten's Bazaar.

However, if you're new to the tapestry crochet technique, you may wish to download our new eBook, Love Coasters: An Introduction to Tapestry Crochet instead.

Love Coasters Cover

The book contains our entire tapestry crochet series in a convenient PDF, the pattern for the Love Coasters, and all four graph paper formats to print as needed.

You can find the full ebook on Ravelry.