Stitch Marker Charm Bracelet

Announcing the March 2015 selection of our Jewelry of the Month Club!

In March you will be getting our Stitch Marker Charm Bracelet.

St Marker Charm Bracelet 2

Now you'll never be without a stitch marker again, because each of the charms attaches with a lobster clasp, so they may easily be removed and attached to your project.

St Marker Charm Bracelet 4

The bracelet itself is sterling silver with a toggle clasp...

St Marker Charm Bracelet 3

...and has room to add your own charms if desired.

St Marker Charm Bracelet 1

Join the club now at Crochet Kitten's Bazaar! Please specify 7-inch, 7.5-inch, or 8-inch bracelet when ordering, and bead color (choice between red, pink, brown, or purple). If no selections are made, we will send a 7.5-inch bracelet and assorted colors.