Hockey Socks

Last year The Animator decided to seriously get back into playing hockey. He had played as a youth, but had to quit when he was 14 when his scoliosis was discovered and he had to have back surgery. He was a pretty good goalie back in the day though, and as he began to shop for adult hockey gear, one thing that caught The Animator's Wife's eye was hockey socks.

A ha! Here is a male article of clothing that a male might actually wear! Don't get me wrong--he loves the fedora she made him last year, but that was also the last thing she made him because stylish male crochet projects seem to be hard to come by. So even though hockey socks can take a beating, The Animator's Wife jumped on the opportunity to make him some.

Hockey Socks

We chose to make these out of Cascade 220 Superwash Sport. The weight is warm without being bulky. The wool is naturally moisture wicking, and "superwash" means it's machine-washable--an important consideration for sports gear!

As we are anticipating Little Lovely and some of her friends taking up an interest in hockey, we sized these all the way down to XS (one size smaller than Mite), because you never know. And they go up to an Adult XL. Sizing instructions are included in the pattern.

The pattern is available now on Ravelry.