Belly Dance Kittens: Carmen

2009 was the year one of our iconic kittens, our Layla, was born. At the time of her creation, The Animator's Wife had only been belly dancing casually for a couple of years, and she didn't know a bedlah from a choli, and she assumed (and intended) that Layla represented all belly dancers. It wasn't until earlier this year that someone asked when we were going to design a tribal version of Layla.

To be honest, the idea had never occurred to us, but once it was pointed out, we could no longer ignore the fact that Layla was, in fact, very cabaret. And given the explosive growth in popularity of American Tribal Style belly dance, suddenly it felt strange not having a tribal kitten in our collection. And so it is my pleasure to introduce everyone to Carmen.


Carmen's costume features the coin bra and choli combo favored by many tribal dancers, as well as hair flowers and a full circle skirt. But wait--there's more!

As we began planning our tribal kitten, we thought it would be fun to have a folkloric kitten as well. And while we're at it, why not put them together into one pattern so crocheters could mix and match costume pieces to create a kitten that truly represents them? So that's what we're going to do. Carmen is a sneak peek before we release the full Belly Dance Kittens pattern next month, complete with cabaret, tribal, and folkloric costume pieces. Stay tuned!