National Feral Cat Day 2014

It's no secret that we here at Crochet Kitten are big cat lovers. The Animator's Wife has walked dangerously close to the Crazy Cat Lady line since she was nine years old. And that's why we were distressed to hear that our favorite feline rescue group, The Feline Foundation of Greater Washington (FFGW), is struggling to keep up with their rescue kitties. They have crossed the threshold where the amount of donations pouring in is no longer enough to help with the number of cats and kittens they are taking in.

FFGW is one of the most kind-hearted charities we've ever had the pleasure of being involved with. Back in 2009, when we were presented with a litter of kittens who had tested positive for FIV, they were the only rescue group who were willing to work with us. Everyone else suggested humane euthanasia or wouldn't even speak to us. If anyone is deserving of help, it is most definitely this group of big-hearted cat lovers.

Today is National Feral Cat Day, and we had planned to do an event to honor them today anyway, but in light of this new situation, your help is needed now more than ever. That's why all this week, October 16th-22nd, we will be donating 50% of all sales from Crochet Kitten's Bazaar and our Ravelry shop to FFGW to help offset their expenses.

But in addition to that, I implore all our followers to click over to FFGW's webpage and donate. Any little bit will help.