Mother-Daughter Choli & Coin Belt

When we were first considering which yarns we should carry at Crochet Kitten's Bazaar, we knew the recycled silk sari yarn had to be one. After all, what could be a more perfect material for belly dance costumes?

Since we first got it in stock, we knew exactly the type of costume piece we wanted to design with it. Since it is more of an upscale yarn, an accent piece is the best choice as it uses less yarn than a full covering. And since silk is not very elastic, we chose an open mesh stitch pattern to allow a bit more give while wearing. This is the result of our brainstorming.

Mother-Daughter Choli 1

The Animator's Wife primarily plans to wear this to dance practice, but it would be great for tribal performances as well. Best of all, it works up super fast thanks to the bulky nature of the yarn and the use of a fat hook.

And what's this? Little Lovely has a set, too?

Mother-Daughter Choli 2

Little Lovely is all about dancing with Mommy these days, so we decided to size this pattern all the way down to size 2T to accommodate all mother-daughter dancers.

The Mother-Daughter Choli & Coin Belt pattern are available now on Ravelry and Etsy.