Book Review: Modish Crochet Hats

Earlier this month a fellow crocheter asked us if we had a good hat pattern for a little boy. Other than our Garden of Fedoras pattern, we really don't, since we tend to design patterns for our family, which does not include little boys at the moment. I believe our crochet friend ended up making a Minion hat for the little boy in question, but I do wish I had seen Modish Crochet Hats, a new book from Annie's, at the time of our conversation.

At first glance, the hats in this book don't look like anything special, but then it occurred to me that all 8 styles are classics that most crocheters seek to make at least once during their crochet careers. What's more, most of the patterns are sized from child to adult, which makes this a great reference book to have on hand for standard hat styles.

Modish Crochet Hats

The hat styles in this book include two slouch caps, two beanies, an aviator hat, a summer hat, a ribbed hat, and a newsboy hat. With the exception of the summer hat, these styles would look equally at home on a male or female wearer, and all but three of the hats are sized from child to adult.

While I wasn't terribly impressed at first glance at the designs in this book, I'm now thinking of how often I've had the urge to make a hat for someone, and how it usually ends up being a classic style such as one of these. I think I'll keep this book on hand for just such an occasion.