Book Review: Open Weave Fashions

Fall is the time of year when our friends begin to talk of putting their summer clothes away for the year and bringing their winter clothes out of storage. I say "our friends" because we don't have enough clothes here at The Animator's house to have made wardrobe rotation even a consideration. But this got us thinking: Even if our closets were overflowing, are there clothes in our wardrobes other than swimsuits and heavy coats that we only wear in specific seasons? I know The Animator's Wife, being of an extremely frugal mindset, tends to wear "Spring" skirts all winter by simply pairing them with heavy tights and sweaters. And that's why we like Tammy Hildebrand's new book, Open Weave Fashions, which includes 6 lacy garments that can be worn year-round. This book demonstrates that pairing lace patterns with double-knit and worsted weight yarns produces versatile garments that can be worked up quickly.

Open Weave

Lace is one area in which crochet really shines. Whereas knitted lace too often looks shy and understated, crochet lace is bold and unashamed. It thinks nothing of leaving large spaces open, which is a great advantage when one wants to finish a project quickly, as fewer stitches will need to be worked to create an entire garment. This is one reason why we're big fans of lace at Crochet Kitten.

In Open Weave Fashions, Tammy Hildebrand takes that convenience one step further by pairing lacy designs with double-knit and worsted weight yarns. Few of us have the time or patience to sit down and tackle a lace project in thread or even lace-weight yarns. By selecting the heavier weight yarns for these patterns, Tammy Hildebrand likely cuts the amount of time it takes to make these projects in half.

Furthermore, the heavier yarns make these designs appropriate for wear year-round. The airy stitch patterns make them light enough to wear over a tank top on a breezy summer day, while the chunky texture sets these fashions right at home amongst winter and fall wear.

All 6 patterns are in the Intermediate skill range, which makes this book appropriate for beginning lace crocheters or crocheters who are new to garments. The book is available now on Amazon and through Annie's.