Book Review: Crochet with Love Knots

Long time readers will know that we here at Crochet Kitten are always looking to learn new crochet techniques. One that we've known about for some time but hadn't yet attempted is Solomon's knot, also known as the love knot. Therefore, when we had the opportunity to review the new book from Annie's, Crochet with Love Knots, we knew it was time to give it a go.

Love Knots 1

The primary advantage of love knots is that the tall stitches allow one to work up a given crochet project much more rapidly than with short stitches such as the single crochet. And it produces a delicate, open, lacy fabric.

Love Knots 2

The primary disadvantage of the love knot (and the reason we've never posted a tutorial for it) is that it requires some objectivity on the part of the crocheter. The height of the stitches is determined solely by the crocheter, so when a pattern says to make the stitches half an inch high, the crocheter must strive to make the stitches consistently half an inch high, or else the project may come out misshapen. I imagine this becomes easier with practice, but in our trial run, our stitches ran anywhere from half an inch to darn near an inch in height.

Nevertheless, Crochet with Love Knots is a great resource for those looking to expand their crochet stitch vocabulary and for those who already know and love the love knot. The patterns range in difficulty from easy scarves to intermediate garments, and even include patterns worked in the round. If a crocheter makes every pattern in the book, she may very well consider herself a love knot expert by the end.

The book is available now on Amazon.