Book Review: Learn Star Stitch Crochet

I love learning a new crochet technique, and Annie's has been putting out a lot of great pattern books on new and unusual crochet stitches lately, such as drop stitch and slip stitch crochet. One of their newest books, Learn Star Stitch Crochet by Jenny King, teaches a technique called star stitch.

Learn Star Stitch Crochet

In the world of crochet textures, there are crochet stitches (like the double crochet), and there are stitch patterns (like crocodile stitch) which are unique arrangements of those stitches. While star stitch looks like a stitch pattern, it is actually its own independent stitch.

Learn Star Stitch Crochet

What makes this stitch particularly interesting is that the bottom half is worked first across the entire row, and then the work is turned and the top half worked back across in the opposite direction. In this way it is a bit like Tunisian crochet, except there are never more than 6 loops on the hook at a time, so a regular crochet hook may be used.

The book begins with a detailed tutorial on how to do the stitch and includes 7 simple patterns for practice. While the patterns may be a bit basic for the experienced crocheter, I personally feel that easy patterns are the best for practicing a new crochet technique as they allow for the repetition of the technique until it becomes ingrained as second-nature. Whether the patterns are your style or not, adding more stitches to your crochet vocabulary is always a good thing.

GIVEAWAY! Would you like to win a free copy of this book? Simply comment below with what kind of project you would make in star stitch. Contest is open to US and international residents from now until 11:59pm August 3rd. Prize must be claimed within 48 hours of contest ending or a new winner will be drawn.