Shark Tank


The polar vortex is over. The rain has dried up. And summer is so close I can feel it! Time to start thinking about your summer crochet projects. Might I recommend our newest pattern: Shark Tank?

Shark Tank

This pattern was designed for A Hundred Ravens' Urban Legends Club. The theme was Sharks on a Subway. We apologize for our Shark Tank pun, but we couldn't resist. But the good news is this pattern uses only 400 yd of fingering weight yarn--even when made up to size 5X!
Since the theme was sharks, we wanted an airy pattern that could be worn in the summer, perhaps over a swimsuit at the beach. We picked this particular netting pattern because it reminded us of bubbles in the ocean.

Shark Tank

The edging is our own invention--an abstract homage to shark teeth.

Shark Tank

You can find the pattern in our Ravelry Shop.


  1. Love the top! What is the difficulty level? I have been crocheting for a little over a year now and still in the easy'ish patterns. I would love to make this top though!

    1. I called this Intermediate to Experienced, but only because the joins between rounds might be a bit confusing. If you have someone to help you with joins when you first start, the rest of the pattern is pretty easy.