Yarn Review: Karabella Aeros

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to the first edition of our new yarn reviews!

Last month The Animator's Wife joined the Yarn of the Month Club, and we thought it would be fun to post our reviews here. And just so you know, we are not at all affiliated with the Yarn of the Month Club, although we do have their permission to post these reviews.

The first selection for this month is Karabella Aeros.

Karabella Aeros 1

Aeros is a single ply bulky yarn made from 32% alpaca, 12% wool, 34% acrylic, and 22% polyamide.

Karabella Aeros 2

For those of you braving sub-zero temperatures this week, you'll be happy to know that this promises to be an incredibly warm yarn. Most people are aware of the thermal properties of wool, but did you know that alpaca is six times warmer?

It's a delight to work with, too. Despite its rough appearance, Aeros is actually very soft to the touch and woven in such a way to make it stronger than other single ply yarns.

Because of its fuzzy nature, we would not recommend this for any project in which stitch definition is important. We chose a highly textured pattern to test this yarn with, and even that was muted somewhat by the fuzziness.

Cabled Pineapples

We believe this yarn would work best with a plain stitch pattern or when a felted look is desired.