Dolled Up Blouse

This Christmas we got a special request from Cake Mama for her very own Dolled Up Blouse. For those of you who are new here, here's a sneak peak of the garment in question. It was inspired by a photo of a similar netted blouse from the 1950s.

Now The Animator's Wife has been wanting to redo this pattern for some time. She didn't want to change the sweater itself, mind you, just how the sweater is constructed. Simply put, she wanted to rewrite the pattern so that it could be made all in one piece without having to sew it together at the end. Well Cake Mama's request provided the perfect opportunity for such an endeavor! Take a look at the result.

Dolled Up Blouse

As you can see, the updated version looks just like its predecessor, but it was worked in one piece from the bottom up, so that no sewing was required at the end. And you might have noticed that the newer version is a bit more shapely than the original. This is because of the addition of simple bust darts that allow the blouse to be more fitted at the waist while still having ample room at the bust. And if that weren't enough, the pattern now includes instructions for sizes XS through 5X, plus suggestions on how to customize the pattern to make it just perfect for you!

Now, aren't you anxious to try this sweater out? The updated pattern with all the improvements is now available for download at Crochet Kitten's Bazaar and on Ravelry.

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  1. gorgeous,cant wait to try this.thanks so much for taking the time to bring us this beautiful top,most generous