Book Review: The Go-To Book for Irish Crochet Motifs

It's confession time.

For months, probably even years now, The Animator's Wife has been wanting to learn how to do Irish crochet. The problem is, information on Irish crochet up until now has been rather disjointed. Most of the original vintage books are available as PDFs now, but they are written in vintage terminology that can sometimes be difficult to understand. Interweave ran a 4-issue special on the technique and put together a companion DVD (an excellent course, actually), but the magazine features only really give a glimpse of the technique, while the DVD isn't easily reference-able.

That's why she was so excited to hear about Annie's Attic's latest publication, The Go-To Book for Irish Crochet Motifs by Kathryn White.

Book Review: The Go-To Book for Irish Crochet Motifs

Holy cow, has the crochet world been needing this book! After flipping through it just once the day arrived, we could already see that this book lives up to its title. And a deeper reading of the book has confirmed it!

As stated on the cover, patterns for over 100 traditional motifs, edgings, and backgrounds are given, but that's not all. The book also goes into detail about traditional methods for making Irish lace, from how to use a padding cord to how to assemble the motifs into a finished product.

But the best part is how they went about writing the motif patterns. Traditionally, motifs are worked around a padding cord (which means the stitches are worked around a cord or pack of yarn instead of other stitches). In many of the motif patterns, instructions are giving for making them both the traditional way (with a padding cord) and the modern way (with chain stitches) for those who may be intimidated by the thought of using a padding cord. And you know what? You really can't tell if a padding cord or chain stitches were used in the finished product.

This is just one of the motifs for which a pattern is given in the book.

Book Review: The Go-To Book for Irish Crochet Motifs

They called it a flower, but we thought it looked like a snowflake, so it will be going up on our Christmas tree.

So who's ready to try Irish crochet? The book's official publication date is January 22, 2014, but it looks like it's available on Amazon now.