Sirens of Atlantis

Happy Fall!

Sirens of Atlantis

Two weeks ago The Animator's Wife danced with the Suburban Gypsies at the 31st Annual Fall Jubilee. Aren't these ladies gorgeous?

Sirens of Atlantis

And Little Lovely was there cheering them on in her very own Baby's First Belly Dance Costume.

Sirens of Atlantis

So of course you had to expect that The Animator's Wife would crochet part of her costume for this event.

Sirens Set
Like the gold mermaid skirt and choli set? It's a custom design from Zanza Designs Clothing!

One of the songs the Gypsies perform is called "Sirens of Atlantis." The song has a very ethereal feel and the choreography is very slow and sultry. It's currently one of The Animator's Wife's favorite dances, and it is from this song that she drew the inspiration for her costume.

Sirens Bra

For a while now she's been wanting to combine Crocodile Stitch with Beaded Crochet. She always thought that would make a fabulous mermaid- or dragon-like texture. I have to say, we are absolutely in love with the results. The look is so perfect for belly dancing, and the Hip Hugger looks so natural when paired with a coin belt.

Sirens Hip Hugger

For anyone wishing to copy the look, we now have the pattern available in our Ravelry shop.

And stay tuned! Later this month we're going to have a grand reopening of our Etsy shop, at which time we will have kits available to make this design.