Book Review: Learn Short Row Slip Stitch

One crochet technique that has not been covered on this blog as of yet is that of slip stitch crochet. Slip stitch crochet uses the tiniest crochet stitch, the slip stitch, to create a knit-like fabric that has the ultimate drape. The Animator's Wife had yet to try it, which is why she was excited when Annie's Attic asked if we would like to review their latest book on the technique, Learn Short Row Slip Stitch by Nancy Nehring. What a perfect opportunity to dive into it!

Short Row Sl St 1

The only thing that had been keeping The Animator's Wife from trying it before are likely the same things that keep others from trying it: namely that the slip stitch is so tiny that these projects must take forever, right? For that reason, she decided to start with the smallest project: the Flanders Poppy.

Consensus? Well...

Short Row Sl St 2

I suspect short stitch crochet may not be for those who are naturally tight crocheters. The Animator's Wife was struggling so hard to work in the tiny stitches that she actually snapped her hook in half. Granted, she did not check her gauge before starting the project, so it's possible she should have been using a larger hook, but unfortunately the experience didn't win her over on the technique. Broken crochet hook aside, it seemed like it took an awfully long time to make what little progress she did, and with a toddler in the house, The Animator's Wife favors fast projects right now.

That's not to say that we're giving this book a negative review, though. The whole point of the book is to teach crocheters how to do shaping using nothing but the slip stitch, and in that regard Nancy Nehring excels. The shaping on the petals of the Flanders Poppy (before the hook broke) was genius. And had she liked the technique, The Animator's Wife would have loved to make the Wedge Cowl, in which the slip stitches are worked in such a way as to give a zig zag effect.

So in sum, if you're not a fan of tedious projects or if you naturally crochet tightly, this book may or may not be for you. But if slip stitch crochet is something you already enjoy, I do recommend checking out this book to learn how to do shaping with the technique and take your skills to the next level.