Stitch Markers

So you're getting confident with your crochet abilities, attacking new patterns with glee, when you get to one that asks you to use stitch markers. Or perhaps you've been using stitch markers for some time, but can't find one right when you need it.

What's a crocheter to do?

The purpose of stitch markers is to mark particular stitches so that you can come back to them later in the pattern. They sell fancy ones on Etsy and in craft stores, which are fun to collect and pretty to see hanging off your work.

Stitch Markers 1
Please disregard the cat hair in all the photos. I monitor The Animator's Wife very closely.

But if you don't happen to have any of those laying around, you can also use safety pins to mark your stitches.

Stitch Markers 2

In a pinch, especially when crocheting on the road, The Animator's Wife has been known to whip out an earring and use it to mark stitches.

Stitch Markers 3

So really, pretty much anything can be used as a stitch marker, as long as it won't get in your way and can be easily removed later in the project.

For more tips on using stitch markers, please see our Using Stitch Markers post. And if you'd like to make your own easy (and fancy) ones, see Crochet Stitch Marker Charms.