Crochet Beads Tutorial

Have you ever wondered how crochet beads are made? You know what I'm talking about. You've probably seen them in department stores, adoring boho necklaces like our teething necklace.

Mommy's Teething Necklace

When The Animator's Wife sees necklaces like that, she kind of turns up her nose and says, "I could make that." Snotty, I know. But they're so easy! All you need is some wooden beads, a size 2.75mm crochet hook, and some sock-weight yarn or embroidery floss.

Crochet Beads 1

Got your supplies together? Good! Now follow along with this simple tutorial.

Crochet Beads 2

1. Start with a chain of 6. Join with a slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring.

Crochet Beads 3

2. For the first round, work 6 single crochets in the ring. Then, working in seamless rounds, add 6 single crochets to each round until you have a circle roughly the same diameter as your wooden bead.

Crochet Beads 4

3. Continuing working in seamless rounds, work the next rounds evenly (without increasing or decreasing) until you have a pouch as long as the bead. Pop the bead into the pouch now.

Crochet Beads 5

4. Still working in seamless rounds, decrease by 6 single crochets on each remaining round until the pouch is completely closed over the bead. And you're done!

Notice in the last photo that the crocheted bead is a good 3/8-1/2 inch larger in diameter than the plain wooden bead inside it. Be sure to take that into consideration when picking out your bead size.

UPDATE: The pattern for our Teething Necklace is now available here!