Snowflake Holiday Greeting Cards

It's no secret that crocheters are some of the most caring, generous people out there. How many crocheters have you met who proudly proclaim that they have never crocheted anything for themselves? There's even an entire community of crocheters who crochet solely for charity! Obviously The Animator's Wife has crocheted plenty of things for herself, but she also enjoys making gifts for friends and family. And you'll notice that our crochet patterns for children are always free. Raising kids is expensive enough without having to pay for patterns to make them things!

I'm sure most crocheters would crochet something for everyone on their Christmas list if they could, but that would be ludicrous, wouldn't it? The Animator's Wife tried it for a year or two, but as her Christmas list grew, she eventually had to swear off crocheted Christmas gifts. Too much work and too little time to do it! But this year she had an epiphany: why not just crochet something little for everyone?

And by "everyone," she meant everyone.

A couple of years ago, it occurred to The Animator's Wife that she was just going through the motions of sending out Christmas cards. Those on her list were her most beloved friends and family, and yet all she was sending to show her affection was a mass produced card with some family photos and a signature. Wouldn't it be nice if she could send a gift, however small, with the cards instead?

That's when she got the idea to start making Christmas ornaments to send with the cards. A ha! A handmade gift for everyone on her Christmas list! And this year she took it to the next level by crocheting those ornaments.

Now, I don't want you to think that The Animator's Wife has completely flipped. These snowflakes were made using Not So Granny's Quick Picot Snowflake pattern. They're only two rounds, so they work up fast enough that you could easily make 60 without crying yourself to sleep over it (yes, The Animator's Wife had 60 on her Christmas card list this year).

Go ahead and give it a try. What could be sweeter than a handmade ornament for each of your loved ones?

What You'll Need
Lily Sugar'n Cream cotton (white) - 95 yd makes 15 snowflakes
Size F-5 (3.75mm) crochet hook
5x7 blank cards with envelopes

1. Crochet the desired number of snowflakes using Not So Granny's fabulous pattern (found here).
2. Write a short message on the back of the card. It could be a poem or a personalized note. The Animator's Wife wrote "My holiday blessings fall upon you like so many snowflakes."
3. Tie one snowflake to the front of each card with the raffia.

Done and done!