Sweater Girls!

With Fall comes many simple pleasures, which for me include watching the leaves change color, curling up for a snooze in front of the heater vent, and having an excuse to crochet warm snugglies. For The Animator's Wife, it's an excuse to break out her cozy sweaters.

To celebrate the arrival of autumn (because, in our neck of the woods at least, the weather has only just turned cooler), we are proud to announce the release of three chic new sweater patterns! These have been in the works for quite some time, and were unfortunately put on the back burner while The Animator's Wife adjusted to being a mommy. But now they are ready and anxious to be on your hook!

These three patterns were inspired by the classic designs of the 40s and 50s. Back then a girl knew how to fill out a sweater, and sweaters were designed to flatter! As such, we're naming this series after the Sweater Girls of old.

And without further ado, may I present our first Sweater Girl pattern: the Dolled Up Blouse!

Photo by Atomic Cheesecake Studios.
Back in the 50s, women knew it took just as much time to throw on a skirt and sweater as it did a sweatshirt and dungarees, so why not pick the classier option? Our Dolled Up Blouse is your key to looking styled, yet comfy, and it's super easy to make! The pattern is available here in our Ravelry shop.

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