Pillow Talk Bed Jacket

This morning The Animator trekked in from his office (which happens to be in our back yard) and remarked that he was slow getting started today. On this cold, crisp morning, it's definitely a slow-to-get-started kind of day. I decided to forgo my breakfast crunchies in favor of snoozing in my cozy kitty condo for just a while longer.

Mornings like this are the kind when The Animator's Wife just wants to stay warm and cozy, snuggling with Little Lovely under a blanket. And our Pillow Talk Bed Jacket, the second pattern in our Sweater Girls series, is just perfect for that! It keeps you warm in your favorite PJs, without the bulk of a traditional robe that would hamper your comfort under the covers. And it's stylish enough to be worn as a bolero out in public, too!

Photo by Atomic Cheesecake Studios.
The Pillow Talk Bed Jacket is available in sizes XS to 3X in our Ravelry store. Thanks for looking!

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