Olek at 40 Under 40

This blog post is a bit late in coming, but we've been all caught up in the Crochet Games of Ancient Greece and Little Lovely's first birthday here at Casa de Animator. But a couple of weeks ago, the family packed Little Lovely up in the car for a trip to the Renwick Gallery in Washington DC to see the 40 Under 40 exhibit, featuring crochet's own Olek!

My Twitter followers already know I'm a huge fan of her work. I don't think it would be an exaggeration to say she's the world's most famous yarn bomber, responsible for the infamous Wall Street bull bombing. What a life she must lead! Traveling the world, and somehow getting paid to do what she loves most!

I know The Animator's Wife was excited at the opportunity to see her work live and in person.

Little Lovely's first crochet exhibit.

The whole 40 Under 40 exhibit features 40 artists of various mediums under the age of 40. The Renwick Gallery devoted an entire room to Olek's part of the exhibit, which she obligingly bombed to her heart's content. Finding an inch of un-crocheted surface in this room is like a Where's Waldo hunt.

Olek fans will recognize the yarn suits hanging in one corner of the room...

...and being ironed by a yarn-bombed iron.

It was interesting to hear comments made by fellow obviously non-fiber visitors. "Wow!" and "Creepy" were uttered a few times, and most infuriating, "Neat! A knitted room!" But to crocheters, this exhibit means so much more. It's about how crochet can become such a big part of your life as to be inseparable. It's about how a craft stereotyped as old fashioned still has a place in the modern world. And most importantly, it's about not taking things too seriously.

If you're lucky enough to be in the DC area in the next few months, this is worth checking out! It will be on display at the Renwick Gallery until February 3, 2013.