How to Crochet Over Flip Flops

Last week's post on our matching mother-daughter sandals yielded a few questions about how exactly to crochet over flip flops. It's simple really, but we thought we'd go over the technique below.

Why would you want to crochet over flip flops? Well you like to crochet for one, and the desire to cover everything in sight with crochet is strong in you! No? Well besides that, it's a good way to jazz up an old pair of flip flops that have become boring to you, and it's a great way to take a cheap pair of flip flops and make them look upscale and unique for just a few extra dollars.

The pair we used were bought for The Animator's Wife to wear to a wedding reception last year, when she was 7 months pregnant and her feet were swollen to practically twice their size. The shimmery silver looked fabulous with her maternity bridesmaid dress, but are a little out of place with her new casual, stay-at-home-mommy wardrobe. She elected to crochet over them as a way to both tone them down and dress them up.

1 pair of old or cheap flip flops
Yarn or crochet cotton of choice (we used size 3 crochet cotton)
Crochet hook sized to fit the crochet medium (we used a 2.75mm steel hook)

1. Insert hook under one strap of the flip flop as near to the back end as you can get it.

2. Place your beginning slip knot on the hook and pull it under the strap.

3. Position the hook over the strap and yarn over.

4. Pull yarn or thread through the loop on the hook. The yarn or thread should now be firmly attached to the strap, as you have just joined it with a slip stitch.

5. Insert the hook under the strap and yarn over.

6. Pull a loop under the strap. You should now have two loops on your hook.

7. Yarn over and draw a loop through both loops on the hook to complete a single crochet stitch.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 until the entire strap is covered. Do not finish off or cut the yarn or thread!

9. Insert the hook under the next strap and yarn over.

10. Repeat steps 5-7 until the second strap is covered in single crochets. When you get to the end, now you can finish off.

You'll notice this technique leaves a little corner of strap uncovered between the two straps. Cover that corner by sewing on a crochet motif of choice. Might I recommend our Old Town Flip Flops pattern to get you started?

And finally, a shot of the finished flip flop, as modeled with our Just Like Mommy's Sandals pattern.