Plaid Crochet

It's not even July yet, but already The Animator's Wife is thinking about what she wants to crochet this fall. She's notorious for planning things ridiculously far in advance. Personally I think spontaneity is the spice of life, but then again, cats don't have much by way of lifetime goals.

So the buzz in the fashion world is that plaid is supposed to big this fall. Well guess what fashion world--you're not getting away from crochet that easily!

Check it out. This fabric segment features a plaid design, yet it is entirely crocheted.

The Animator's Wife used woven crochet techniques to create the design. Here's the how-to. Don't worry--it's easy!

1. Start with a dc mesh in a stripe pattern of your choice.

dc mesh pattern: Ch an even number, plus 4. Row 1. Dc in 5th ch from hook (first 4 ch count as dc + ch, now and throughout), *ch 1, dc in next ch; rep from * across. Row 2. Ch 4; turn. Skip first dc, *ch 1, dc in next dc; rep from * across. Rep Row 2 until desired length is achieved, changing colors as desired.

2. Once your dc mesh is finished, it's time to start weaving in your plaid design. Starting at the top of the mesh, insert your hook in one of the ch spaces. Use the same size hook used to create the mesh.

3. Join yarn with a slip stitch. Use the same yarn used for the dc mesh. The first color doesn't matter, as long as it is one of the colors used in the mesh.

4. Work a number of ch stitches equal to twice the number of rows in the dc mesh. For example, if your dc mesh is 30 rows, you will chain 60. Cut the yarn after the last chain, leaving enough of a tail to work  a few more stitches (in the beginning you'll want a tail a little longer than shown in the photo).

5. Very loosely pull the tail through the last loop on the hook to keep the chain from unraveling, and remove the hook.

6. Now the weaving begins! Working down through the rows of the dc mesh, weave the chains under and over the chain spaces.

7. Continue weaving until you get to the very bottom row.

8. Now pull that tail back out of the last chain stitch...

...and put the last chain back on the hook.

9. Insert hook into the bottom chain space, pulling the tail over the mesh.

10. Yarn over with the tail...

...and pull a loop through the loop on the hook to complete a slip stitch. The length of chain stitches should now be attached to the bottom of the dc mesh.

11. Pull the tail through the loop on the hook and pull to tighten. This stripe is now completed!

Repeat steps 1-11 until all the chain spaces have been woven. For a true plaid pattern, repeat the stripes in the same order as in the dc mesh.