Pin-Up Mama's Hair Wrap

Summer is now just around the corner, and normally I would be more excited about extra hours of daylight for snoozing in the window, but this summer is proving to be a bit bittersweet.

The bitter relates to health news of The Dog. I know in the past I've said I don't like to mention him, but despite being a canine, he is still my brother and I do still care about him. He's had heart disease for the last few years, but has been doing well until about a month ago. Then he suddenly lost 3 pounds (which is a lot for a Lhasa Apso) and stopped eating. His illness so far is a mystery to the doctors, but they suspect either his kidneys are starting to go, his heart medication is having an adverse effect on him, or he has some GI issue. Either way we're starting to wonder if this will be his last summer.

The sweet is that this will be Little Lovely's first summer, and we get to watch her experience ice cream and fireworks for the first time. And I just got word that my cousin, Little Sunshine (who at 8 years old is starting to be not so little anymore) will be staying with us for a week. I think I might plan on hanging out in the craft room that week. It's not that I don't love my cousin, it's just that he can be a bit loud, and I like my quiet time.

So between all the little ones and The Dog, all of whom The Animator's Wife will be caring for this summer, she's really starting to feel like a homemaker. But the funny thing is she's discovered she doesn't really have the wardrobe for being a homemaker. Most of it previously consisted of hospital scrubs and going-out clothes, but since she doesn't work much anymore and rarely goes out, she's now working on getting more stay-at-home-mom-appropriate clothes.

Enter our Pin-Up Mama's Head Wrap.

You know those 50s mom's really had something there when they decided to keep their hair wrapped up during the day. The Animator's Wife has been saying lately she is most comfortable when her hair is pulled completely away from her face, where Little Lovely can't pull at it. And since she is still growing out her bangs, that means she has to enlist the help of pins and head bands to do this.

Our Pin-Up Mama's Head Wrap is simple to make and classically styled, reminiscent of the pin-up girls of a bygone era. Plus it's a great pattern for practicing increasing in broomstick lace and decreasing in broomstick lace.

The pattern is available here.