Crochet Doily Lanterns

This is a post I had intended to put up a couple of weeks ago, but everything with The Dog happened so quickly our heads are still spinning. Thank you, everyone, for your condolences. It's been a rough month for us. In addition to having to say good-bye to a dear family member, The Animator was informed this month that the company he's currently with will be eliminating their media department this summer. This means that he will be going back to full-time freelancing for now, which makes The Animator's Wife nervous since they just bought a house last year and have a baby now.

And so, my friends, I would now like to refer you to visit Animation Caffeinated for all your motion graphics and animation needs. The Animator excels at meeting deadlines and creating masterpieces that fit your style and budget. He's fun to work with, professional, and understands geek culture all at the same time.

But enough advertising and doom-and-gloom. This is a crochet blog, isn't it?

June 9th was International Yarn Bombing Day, and despite our troubles, at least it was something to celebrate. The Animator's Wife joined in the spirit of the holiday by creating some lanterns for our front porch with mason jars and crochet doilies.

Okay, so it's not exactly yarn bombing, but the whole point of yarn bombing is to draw attention to knitting and crocheting as an art while making the outdoors pretty, right? Well these lanterns fit that bill perfectly.

They are quick and easy to make, too. Here's the how-to:

8 quart-sized mason jars without lids
8 crochet doilies (we rescued ours from the thrift store, but you can also make your own or find some on eBay or Etsy)
Mod Podge (we used Shimmer Mod Podge, which gave the white doilies an antique color, but any Mod Podge will do)
Foam brush
1 string of icicle holiday lights

1. If you are making your own doilies, make sure they are sized to fit the mason jars. If you are using "rescued" doilies, you may need to cut them to fit. Don't worry about them unraveling--the Mod Podge will hold them together.

2. Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the mason jar with the foam brush. Hold the jar by the threaded rim to keep from getting Mod Podge all over your fingers.

3. Carefully position the doily on the mason jar and press into place. Apply a second coat of Mod Podge on top of the doily, using a dabbing motion so as not to move the doily.

4. Allow to dry overnight.

5. Once dry, arrange the mason jars on an outdoor shelf or table. String the holiday lights just above them, and direct the icicles to fall into the mason jars.

Enjoy your romantic outdoor lighting!