Increasing in Broomstick Lace

One of the mysteries of broomstick lace is how to increase and decrease. It's really quite easy. This week we'll go over increasing, and next week we'll explain decreasing (although you may be able to figure it out for yourself once you see how to increase).

If you've never done broomstick lace before, you may want to reference our Basic Broomstick Lace tutorial.

1. Begin with a broomstick lace shell with an even number of single crochets worked in the loops. Our example shows 6 loops with 6 single crochets worked in them.

2. Cast all the stitches onto the knitting needle.

3. Take half the loops from that shell of the knitting needle. Our shell had 6 single crochets, so we will remove 3 loops from the knitting needle.

4. Work the same number of single crochets in the loops as you would for a full shell. In this case, we worked 6 single crochets in the 3 loops.

5. Remove the remaining loops for that shell from the knitting needle.

6. Repeat step 4 for the remaining loops. You now have 2 broomstick lace loops made from 1 broomstick lace loop.

Practice your skills with our Pin-Up Mama's Hair Wrap.

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