Love Coasters

Being a stay-at-home mom has given The Animator's Wife a lot of time to think. Not a lot of time to crochet or play with us kitties, but definitely a lot of time to think while she feeds the baby or sits with her sleeping in her lap.

In thinking of ways to bring in some more spending money, she's been thinking a lot lately about teaching crochet classes. It's something she could do a few nights or weekends a month without sacrificing much family time.

Tonight she is meeting with a yarn store to propose some class ideas, and for the proposal she created a simple coaster pattern.

They are done in tapestry crochet and can easily be completed (or mostly completed) during a two-hour crochet class.

UPDATE: Our Tapestry Crochet class is now available in our new ebook, Love Coasters: An Introduction to Tapestry Crochet. The book contains our entire tapestry crochet series in a convenient PDF, the pattern for the Love Coasters, and graph paper formatted especially to the shape of crochet stitches.


  1. Love the gorgeous coaster pattern. Tapestry crochet is such a great technique.

    Hope the idea to teach classes pans out!

  2. Ingenious, and a person walsk away from the class with something they can use as well as a new skill - Yes!!

  3. Lovely coasters - and for you to teach someone tapestry crochet will only spread the love of crochet more. Thank you for the pattern looking forward to making them. Good luck on your crochet class submission. Hope it works for you.