How to Crochet an Arc

In my post about The Animator's Wife's crochet resolutions for this year, I mentioned that she wanted to make the crochet Wedding Ring Quilt for her friend The Artist. What a fantastic project this has turned out to be! It involves making several different shapes of crochet motifs, which are then sewn (actually slip stitched) together as a quilt would be.

One of the shapes featured in the pattern is the elusive crochet arc. This is an unusual shape that is not used very often in patterns, and therefore is not taught in most crochet tutorials and classes.

So how does one create a flat crocheted strip that curves to one side? It's really quite easy. Simply work one side of the strip in shorter stitches than the other side, and it will curve toward the side with the short stitches.

The example shown above is 8 stitches wide, and row 1 is all single crochets. The rest of the strip is worked as follows:

Row 2: 5 sc, 3 hdc
Row 3: 5 hdc, 3 sc
Rows 4-38: Repeat rows 2 & 3.

The result is a strip where the 3 leftmost stitches are always half-double crochets, the middle 2 stitches alternate between half-double crochets and single crochets, and the 3 rightmost stitches are always single crochets. As one side of the strip is constantly longer than the other side, this causes the strip to curve into an arc. Any variation of this formula will produce arcs of varying sizes and degrees.

And see how nicely the arc fits over the eye-shaped piece of the quilt?

This project has been a bit slow-going with Little Lovely around, but it's been fun to watch her crochet shapes that aren't usually crocheted. And at least it's a start on the crochet resolutions, right?