Book Review: When Granny Meets Filet

Author: Bendy Carter
Price: $9.95 (buy here)
Skill Level: Intermediate

This book takes two crochet classics, the granny square and filet crochet, and shows how lovely they can look together. Though the title implies this may be a book of filet granny squares, it actually teaches the techniques separately, then combines them side-by-side in the patterns at the end of the book.

The 50 granny square patterns in this book all use basic crochet stitches, and there are even some tips at the beginning that help make granny square projects easier and faster. But the real gem of this book is the filet crochet primer hiding between the granny square and pattern sections. In a society overflowing with books on crochet techniques and how-tos, this is quite possibly the best lesson in filet crochet on the market today.

The patterns in this book all incorporate both granny squares and filet crochet in some way. They are simple projects in theory, but are listed as “Intermediate” since filet crochet is a bit more difficult than regular crochet and due to the fact that they have to be pieced together. Included are some wearable accessories, some home decor items, and a retro-look granny square cardigan.
The Animator’s Wife says...
Granny square pattern books all start to look the same after a little while, but that’s not to say that the granny square patterns are not of note. Who doesn’t love some granny goodness occasionally? A basic granny square pattern book should be in every crocheter’s library, and the nice thing about this one is that all 50 of the included patterns produce granny squares of the same size. That makes it super easy to incorporate them into self-designed projects, such as scarves, afghans, and pillows. And speaking of self-designed projects, this book provides everything you need to know about filet crochet, including blank charts to create your own designs. I had never been terribly interested in filet crochet before, but this book makes me want to jump in and start designing.