Crochet Resolutions for 2012

I think the best thing about January every year is the quiet. No rushing to get gifts wrapped. No clamoring the kitchen to make holiday gifts wrapped. No relatives visiting with their yappy dogs. Nothing but the sound of quiet winter outside. Nothing to do but curl up with The Animator's Wife and the Lovely and crochet.

Of course The Animator's Wife has had to make some modifications to her crochet habits to accommodate the demands of the little one. We won't be able to publish as many patterns this year because of that. This will change as the Lovely gets older and is able to entertain herself, but for now The Animator's Wife is content to focus on what matters most to her, which is taking care of our family.

That's not to say she's not planning anything on the crochet front. I overheard her declaring her crochet resolutions to The Animator, and I thought I'd share them with you.

1. Finish the crochet wedding afghans. Two pairs of close friends of the family got married in 2011, and The Animator's Wife wanted to make a keepsake afghan for each of them. She would like to finish them before their first year anniversaries, which means she has until July to finish the Wedding Ring Quilt afghan and until October to finish a Battlestar Galactica afghan.

2. Upload some video tutorials. We've had some requests for video tutorials for our iPhone Cozy pattern and our Charmed Wrist Warmers pattern. These will come out sometime this year. At the urging of The Animator, we may also post some how-to-crochet video tutorials.

3. Learn the math behind hyperbolic crochet and crochet a coral reef. Higher math capabilities are not actually required to crochet a coral reef, but The Animator's wife is a bit of a math nerd and is interested hyperbolic theories. So much so, that this is what The Animator surprised her with for Christmas:

I was excited when I first saw it because I thought it meant we were getting some more rodents, but turns out the fish tank a crochet coral reef. He even got her Crocheting Adventures with Hyperbolic Planes, a book that explains hyperbolic theories using crochet (book review to follow).

And me? My resolution is simple: get more cuddles from the Animator's Wife.