Book Review: Learn to Crochet With Glass

Author: Georgia Wild
Price: $8.95 (buy here)
Skill Level: Intermediate

Just when you thought you tried everything you could possibly try with crochet, Georgia Wild makes it interesting again by introducing a unique material into her crochet projects: glass. Learn to Crochet With Glass explores how to incorporate glass tiles into accessories such as jewelry for a sophisticated and fancy look.

The book begins by explaining how to encase the glass tiles within a crochet frame, so that they can be incorporated into your crochet project. The patterns otherwise use basic crochet stitches, so you needn’t be an expert crocheter to tackle the projects in this book.

Georgia Wild appears to have put some thought into what kind of projects would best benefit from glass inserts. The necklaces, earrings, and headband are all good picks, but there is also a sun catcher that any crocheter should be proud to display in their home.

The Animator’s Wife says...
This book opens the door to a host of new possibilities with crochet. My personal favorites are the necklaces and scarf, but even without the included patterns, I feel the book is worth picking up just for the opportunity to learn this unique technique. Once you start crocheting with glass, you’ll think of a million other projects into which you can incorporate it.