Aunt Sera

Things were just beginning to settle down after The Terror went back to live with my aunt Brown Eyed Girl in Wisconsin. For the first time in 3 years, the doorbell was answered by silence. One could actually fall asleep at night without the sound of his wheezing. And all the choice snoozing spots were finally up for grabs again.

But alas, Grampo had grown rather attached to The Terror, and although Osiris and I find the quiet rather peaceful, Grampo was feeling lonely. And then last month he brought home Serendipity.

Serendipity is a 10-month-old Labrador puppy bursting with energy. My new Aunt Sera. One might say she is The Terror II. She's friendly enough, but I might argue a bit too friendly. She hasn't figured out yet that humans don't like bear hugs from big dogs, or that Little Lovely is not a licking toy, or that just because it's on the ground doesn't mean you have to eat it.

But she does have one advantage in that she keeps Grampo entertained and gives him some exercise, so I suppose I will put up with her. When she gets to be too excitable (which is often), I'll take refuge in the craft room, which The Animator's Wife has baby-gated off to be kitties only.