It-Girl Headband

New house? Check. New baby? Check. Now that The Animator's Wife has those things out of the way, she has time to focus on more important things. Like me! Oh right, and crocheting.

Last night Little Lovely contented herself with sitting next to me on the couch and watching The Animator's Wife with wide-eyed wonder. She was working with ribbon, making a trendy 60s-inspired headband: the It-Girl Headband. (See The Animator's Wife's post about the It-Girl trend here.)

This project is perfect for when you're short on time and money but want something new. It uses scrap findings and only takes ab hour or two to make!

Finished Size: One size fits all.

Skill Level: Easy.

Scrap 1/4-inch satin or grosgrain ribbon (use up to 6 different colors)
Scrap 1/8-inch ribbon in a color that matches your hair
Six 1-inch split rings (harvested from old keychains)
Size J-10 (6 mm) crochet hook

First Ring
Join 1/4-inch ribbon with sl st in split ring. Ch 1; 18 sc in ring if using grosgrain ribbon (24 sc in ring if using satin ribbon). Join with sl st in first sc in ring; finish off.

Second Ring
Work as for First Ring, except join with sl st to First Ring before finishing off.

Rings 3-6
Work as for First Ring, joining with sl st to the previous ring before finishing off, so that all six rings are joined in a straight line.

Join 1/8-inch ribbon with sl st in one of the end rings. Ch 48; finish off. Tie knot at end of ch to prevent unraveling. Repeat on the other end of the rings.

Weave in all ends.

ch chain
mm millimeter
sc single crochet
sl st slip stitch


  1. this is the perfect pass time for my daughter...Shes home sick from school, so we needed this, thanks.

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