An Update on Things...

I promised an update a couple of weeks back, so here's what's been going on in our neck of the woods:

New House
The Animator and His Wife have bought a new house with plenty of room for their growing family, plus a craft room for The Animator's Wife! Craft pron pics to follow once she gets it set up, but right now her main concern is decorating the baby's room. There's also a lovely, big backyard for The Dog and The Terror, and I'm told at some point we're going to get a cat fence so Osiris and I can go out and play. The move and home buying process are what's been taking up most of her time these last few months. Not much time for crocheting.

Grampo Moves In
In anticipation of the new baby, Grampo has moved in with us from Colorado to help play baby-sitter. He gets the whole basement to himself. My cousin Little Sunshine called him "the trollman." Unfortunately he had a minor stroke earlier this week, which caused a cardiac episode a few days later, and he ended up in the hospital for two days. The doctors say it was a severe reaction to a new medication he had been given. He's feeling much better now, thank goodness, but will probably still need a few days of rest before he's 100 percent again.

Dr. Crazy
The Animator's Wife came home in tears from her prenatal check-up yesterday. It was the first time it had occurred to her to ask her doctor how she felt about natural childbirth. Dr. Crazy is vehemently opposed to the idea. She pretty much told The Animator's Wife she was crazy for even considering it--that no woman could ever possibly do it without an epidural because it was simply too painful. There was no medical reason why she shouldn't try, just that it would be painful.

The Animator's Wife has spoken to many friends and family, including her own mother, who have given birth without pain medication, so it just doesn't make sense that Dr. Crazy would tell her it can't be done. In addition, The Animator and His Wife have been studying the Bradley Method so they could prepare for the inevitable pain of childbirth. They are determined to do this naturally if there is no medical reason not to; therefore, with less than 8 weeks to go in her pregnancy, The Animator's Wife is scrambling to find a new OB that is willing to let her try it her own way.

So please forgive us if we don't reply to your email the same day it is sent. And thank you for all your patience with the mess that is I know it may be hard for some of you to understand how we could go months without fixing anything, but there really are some more urgent things that need our attention right now. And at 7 months pregnant, The Animator's Wife tires out a lot more easily than she used to. We are all looking forward to September, when (hopefully) all the craziness ends and our new family begins.