Good News This Time

Last August I posted some sad news regarding The Animator's Wife's health and whether or not she would be able to have children. Her attitude had gotten much better since then, but then suddenly a few months ago she started getting moody again. I felt bad for The Animator--he was getting in trouble for the most ridiculous things, be it dirty dishes in the sink or the fact that he ate the last of her favorite potato chips. I generally tried to keep my distance. It's not like she had been crocheting much at that time anyway, except for the 16-bit afghan. But all that seemed to dissipate last week when she and The Animator came home with this photo:

12 Weeks

And that's when the moodiness all made sense. The Animator's Wife is 3 months pregnant, just into her second trimester. She says the doctors say everything looks good so far, and at this point her pituitary tumor shouldn't have much affect on the baby. She is due August 26th.

I guess this means I can look forward to a resurgence of crocheting over the next few months. I'll be expecting a baby blanket, at least.